Saturday, 28 July 2012

Basketball Apparel - My first basketball uniform.

When I started out playing under 14 (when I was 12) organised basketball, you always have your teams team uniform. I remember it like it was yesterday. The uniforms was a designed back in the 80s. It was made out if cotton, handed down from team to team and was tight, but not skin tight. And being a large kid carrying a lot of baby fat, these ABSOLUTELY sucked. I hated these singlets.

Also my parents had to purchase a pair of black shorts with the centres logo on them. And of course they were the short shorts.... Again I hated them..

This really effected the way I played basketball. I hated the uniform so much that I didn't want to play.

Now looking back at it, all the kids were playing in the some uniforms (which now as an adult doesn't matter) and it is considered retro to wear these type of uniforms.

My first basketball team - the obsession begins

I guess I should explain how I became so interested in basketball.

It all started when I first watch our local national basketball league (NBL) on tv with my mum. It was showing the local team, the Perth Wildcats, playing at home, playing against the Melbourne Tigers. I don't remember the result of the game but what I do remember is that it was the first game I watched.

The next day, everyone at school was talking about the game against the Tigers. I remember it become such a distraction to the class that the class (well mainly the boys) was told off and told to get back to school work.

But when lunch break started, everyone went to the basketball court and we started to play, which somewhat resembles a organised game of basketball.

From those series of events began the obsession with the local league (NBL), the American league (NBA), basketball lingo, shoes and style.....

Friday, 27 July 2012

Welcome to my blog

Hello everyone out there,

If you have come across my blog (by searching for it, randomly clinking on links or accidentally finding it), I would first like to say a big THANK YOU!!! This is my first time actually blogging (even though I have know about blogs for a while now and has taken me a long time to join in) and it feels very daunting about writing a blog, but I've decided to try it and make an imprint on the World Wide Web.

I guess the main reason for blogging is to share my thoughts, memories and experiences with the people out there with an interest in basketball. Hopefully I will also add a few "extra" items into the blogs (i.e. funny pictures, food, etc) to keep it interesting, but definitively mainly about basketball.

Also, being a fan of basketball, I do find myself jumping on the internet and finding anything relating basketball. So I also want to join in and give my two cents in, and hopefully you will enjoy it.

So let the blogging begin.........