Saturday, 28 July 2012

Basketball Apparel - My first basketball uniform.

When I started out playing under 14 (when I was 12) organised basketball, you always have your teams team uniform. I remember it like it was yesterday. The uniforms was a designed back in the 80s. It was made out if cotton, handed down from team to team and was tight, but not skin tight. And being a large kid carrying a lot of baby fat, these ABSOLUTELY sucked. I hated these singlets.

Also my parents had to purchase a pair of black shorts with the centres logo on them. And of course they were the short shorts.... Again I hated them..

This really effected the way I played basketball. I hated the uniform so much that I didn't want to play.

Now looking back at it, all the kids were playing in the some uniforms (which now as an adult doesn't matter) and it is considered retro to wear these type of uniforms.

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